the Brotherhood of Aggie Mentors

We are a student organization on the campus of Texas A&M University comprised of ~100 men who are passionate about building up others.  We exist to serve the Bryan and College Station community through mentorship by developing leaders of character who uphold the core values of Texas A&M.

the founding of Bam

BAM was founded in August 2016 by Ricky West, whose testimony sparked his passion for mentorship and investing in young men's lives so that they can be equipped to be leaders and men of character. BAM seeks to play the middle ground of combining aspects of service and social organizations. We spend a lot of time doing fun things and hanging out, but that time is intentionally planned so that our guys can invest in each other and build a foundation built on lasting, strong friendships. We host a variety of outreach events in partnership with Bryan High School to create opportunities for students to come and meet our members, and in turn build similar positive, lasting, relationships. 

what is mentorship and what does it look like?

BAM defines mentorship as simply actively seeking to invest in another person.  Its's really that simple. We believe that mentorship can take place nearly anywhere; a game of ultimate frisbee, a study hall, or even over a shared meal. Doing the things we enjoy with other people creates the best opportunities for successful mentorship. Our goal is to make mentorship, approachable, because it that's the way it should be. Through the Fall semester, members go through leadership training to develop practical skills to be an effective mentor. We bring in outside speakers to share their own mentorship experience followed by mall group discussion times at meeting. We host mentorship events throughout the semester to allow members to benefit from experiential learning and to become more comfortable with being a mentor. In the Spring semester, our goal is that all members be actively mentoring at least one person. We expect members to strategically put into play what they learned from the fall semester and leverage their story to positively influence and guide the person they seek to mentor. Weekly small group discussions that were for training in the fall now provide a framework for support and accountability. BAM has chosen Bryan High School as our primary source of outreach, meaning that we host events directly geared towards these 9-12th grade students. However, we affirm and support successful mentorship relationships that occur outside of Bryan H.S. 


I firmly believe that this organization has the ability to be the most influential and powerful organization on this campus, without a doubt.
— Steven Lanz, Former Texas A&M Yell Leader