The Brotherhood of Aggie Mentors exists to serve the Bryan and College Station community through mentorship by developing leaders of character who uphold the core values of Texas A&M.


Our Mission

Our mission never changes. The mission of BAM is stated above, we aim to develop college students into leaders who will effectively change and better our community. This takes many different forms but is at the heart of everything BAM does.

our vision

Our vision changes from year to year and is set the Executive team before the year begins. For the 2017-2018 school year, BAM's vision is to:

  • Train members to be leaders founded upon the core values of Texas A&M.
  • Establish and maintain positive relationships with students in the community.
  • Fun (come on, how could we not include fun?)

I firmly believe that this organization has the ability to be the most influential and powerful organization on this campus, without a doubt.
— Steven Lanz, Texas A&M Yell Leader


BAM defines mentorship as actively seeking to invest and develop another person. 

Mentorship can take place nearly anywhere, a game of ultimate Frisbee, a study hall, or even a shared meal. Doing the things we enjoy with other people creates the best opportunities for successful mentorship.

We aim to provide our members with skills and resources to assist them in being successful mentors by bringing in outside professionals who have years of expertise engaging with people and making a drastic difference in their communities. Click here to view a list of our past speakers.

Each member of BAM is expected to be mentoring at least one other person through an Active Behavior Character Development (ABCD) approach.