Ricky West

Richard (Ricky) West is the original founder of the organization “Brotherhood of Aggie Mentors.”

Ricky was adopted at 4 years old to two very supportive parents. Growing up in a home that valued being a good person, he followed the rules and had parents who raised him the right way. Through a series of events, Ricky ended up with the wrong crowd and being involved in the wrong things. One particular night he hit rock bottom when he ended up an hour away in a house with people he didn’t know. It culminated when Ricky laid in the bathtub crying out for someone to help him. Unfortunately, no one came to help and he knew it was time to make a change.

A few days later a pastor at his local church saw something in Ricky and set out to put him on the right path. This mentor listened, did not judge, and wanted to hear his story. This mentor taught him how to become a man and also look past the immediate future and circumstances. Through having someone like that in his life he found purpose in living in a way that is meaningful. He cut out all of the bad influences in his life and set out on a mission to help mentor other guys like his mentor had done for him. From there the idea for BAM was born.

Ricky pitched the idea to some of his best friends before the Fall of 2016 with the mission and vision to: “Meet high school guys where they are, make an impact on their lives, and hear their story.” He was touched by how many high school guys have no father figure or positive influence in their lives. BAM’s first year had 69 members who all got behind Ricky’s initial vision to impact the BCS area and in particular, Bryan Highschool.

Today Ricky is engaged to his loving and supportive fiancé Aubri and will be married in 3 months. In the meantime, he is an inventor, businessman, and active in his local church. He has had a tremendous impact on the BCS area and will forever leave a lasting legacy on A&M’s campus and the lives of those in BAM. We are forever grateful for the amazing leadership and example he has shown to BAM and other Aggies.

Richard West: “Think about the bigger picture of your life, what do you want to leave behind? What will your legacy, legend, and impact on this place look like when you leave? Are the actions you're taking today painting the picture for the masterpiece that you want your life to be?”