Its a team effort

There are 9 executive positions that work together as a team to guide the organization. While there is a large variety in positions, there is also a lot of overlap in responsibilities. If you are interested in applying the exec team, please carefully look over the expectations of each position. 

The application process

There are two steps, an application and interview. The first step in applying to be on the executive team is to fill out an online application. The next step is to sign up for an interview (we will send out instructions on signing up once applications have closed). These interviews are casual and will take place with members who are currently on exec. Interviews last about 30 minutes and just allow for us to hear your heart and vision for BAM.

The Selection Process

The current executive team will make decisions as a group based off of what is in the best interest of the organization as a whole. We hope to create the selections atmosphere unbiased, respectful, and thankful for every candidate that applied. Once all interviews have occurred, selections will be sent out via email. 

EXEC TEAM positions

  • President (1) - Reports to Adviser
    • Responsible for mission and vision alignment, long term direction of organization, and leadership development
  • Vice Presidents (2) - Reports to President
    • Responsible for meetings, scheduling of events, guests, and overall project management.
  • Member Development (1) - Reports to Internal VP
    • Responsible for member selections,, oversight of rush events, herd leader training, developing training material, and retreat planning.
  • Chaplain (1) - Reports to Internal VP
    • Responsible for the optional Bible Study an oversight and direction of the West Story team.
  • Financial Development (1) - Reports to Internal VP
    • Responsible for profit shares, dues collection, budget development, and scholarship administration.
  • Outreach Director (1) - Reports to External VP
    • Responsible for mentorship events, Bryan HS and Detention Center relations, and philanthropy events.
  • Social Director (1) - Reports to External VP
    • Responsible for organization date parties, mixers, formals, and songfest.
  • Marketing Director (1) - Reports to External VP
    • Responsible for merchandise, promotional material, social media development, and photography.